S.I.S., founded in 1947 with the aim of multiplying and spreading the cereal varieties set up by the institute itself and by private individuals, is the leading company in the wheat seed sector and it is the oldest reality left in totally Italian hands. S.I.S. played an important role in the growth of productivity and quality of the domestic cereal farming. In 2017 Bonifiche Ferraresi S.p.A. has signed an agreement for the acquisition of a shareholding in S.I.S., an important operation for the control strategy of the agri-food supply chain.

Our supply chain is a container of ideas and proposals, communication, research and discoveries. It brings together different sectors and skills, stemming from the desire to combine different energies and the best resources for the culture of Italian excellence in the world of cereals, flour and associated finished products. The culture and the concept of ‘Italian Made’ is undoubtedly the punctum and least common multiple that embraces all of the various food-processing and industrial businesses involved.

Our supply chain takes care of managing raw materials from the earliest stages of knowledge of the cereal, of the crops, of processing the product with advanced technology and experience, up to the transformation of the final product into products such as pasta, bread and bakery products in general.
Our supply chain shows you, as customers, every stage of the process, cultivation and processing of raw materials, to give you the feeling of being profound connoisseurs and representatives of products you will offer with all its distinctive features.


The collaboration between the various companies of the supply chain lead to the creation of a full training service within a research center, characterized by a large and futuristic auditorium, a mill, fields conceived as open spaces for precision agriculture and a campus serving for accommodation purposes. The center therefore provides for training from any point of view: from knowledge of seeds to the production and marketing of finished products.