This led Ocrim to focus on the grinding rolls, designing a solution that would incorporate as many benefits as possible for the end user. For this market request, the solution presented by Ocrim has included titanium-coated rolls for the fluted passages in the grinding process, ensuring a much longer life of the rolls currently used by the entire milling industry. Ocrim’s Research & Development department, following this new engineering strategy, carefully studied the results related to the titanium coating of the rolls in order to be able to share with its customers the important opportunities that this innovative product can offer.

The grinding rolls are all made of chilled-iron cast alloy with different hardness, according to the requirements or the technological diagram. The duration of the roll is thus directly dependent on its hardness. The fluting of a cast iron roll is preserved and, therefore, maintains its characteristics for longer periods of time when the roll has high hardness values (e.g. 530 HB). In this regard, the Ocrim Research & Development department has conducted several research studies and trials, achieving tangible results through the application of a special titanium coating for the corrugated rolls. This coating causes a considerable increase in the surface hardness values and consequently increases the duration of the fluting over time, to keep the ideal configuration of the plant as unaltered as possible. Based on the “field” results obtained, the rolls with titanium coating are therefore economically more advantageous than the traditional ones, since they last longer. The longer life of the titanium-coated rolls, although with a higher starting cost, results in the following:
- savings in terms of time and maintenance costs because, with this technology, Ocrim guarantees, in a B1 passage, an average duration of about 3 years with no maintenance;
- fewer plant stops to change rolls, which involve loss of productivity;
- lower costs related to savings for the renewal of fluting and/or the purchase of new rolls;
- reduced plant yield losses, which instead inevitably occur with traditional rolls due to faster loss of their fluting profiles.

From the analyses carried out already with a production of 7200 T/year, considerable savings are obtained by using titanium-coated rolls, confirming the validity of this new Ocrim product. Ocrim’s titanium-coated rolls are already fully in production and on the market and are already used by many customers in their plants, with full satisfaction and with results that exceeded expectations, as they are even more satisfactory than the tests conducted. With the titanium-coated rolls another goal has been achieved also because it has improved the baggage of technical and technological experience of both Ocrim and its customers. Each goal achieved is a stimulus and an incentive to look ahead in a concrete and productive way, to study and design other innovation strategies, to improve the know-how of Ocrim and that of its customers.