a 240 T/24h maize plant located in Slobozia (Romania), for the production of griz for Kalizea ( company belonging to the Vivescia group) and a soft wheat mill, in Sadat City, with a capacity of 350T/24H for El Khatab Company For Mills. Two plants different from each other, but which presented a similar level of design complexity, in fact both mills were equipped with new and cutting-edge machines, which are the result of the latest Ocrim technology.

The two plants were commissioned last May and today, with great enthusiasm, we report that both have been operational for a few months. Each owner is fully satisfied with the performance of his mill. As a result, the Ocrim team is happy to receive commendations from the two different customers and believes that the real reward, for the complex work done, is precisely the satisfaction expressed by them.

It was, therefore, a real challenge that ended with a great success and, through this umpteenth "victory", OCRIM confirms itself as the ideal partner for customers, both historical and new, who have ever-higher ambitions and alternative ideas for their business and their own projects.