APRIL 2022

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OCRIMFBC - At the forefront of the end-line

Roberto Cagna, End-of-Line Department Manager, presents the characteristics of the palletizing and bagging systems, made in OCRIMFBC new business unit.
Join the webinar to find out how to optimize the final step of your production line and to get to know the potential of handling systems for bundles, bags and boxes. Sign up now, choose the time you prefer:

THURSDAY 17th February 2022 - H 10:00 (UTC+1) ITA, EN
THURSDAY 17th February 2022 - H 16:00 (UTC+1) ITA, EN, FR, ES
Are you planning to invest downstream your production line? Sign up to our webinar and get to know the most suitable handling system for your plant.
This event, presented by our food entertainer Anna Buffa, is mainly adressed to potential new investors, milling plant owners and technicians.
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