Our supply chain is a container of ideas and proposals, communication, research and discoveries. It brings together different sectors and skills, stemming from the desire to combine different energies and the best resources for the culture of Italian excellence in the world of cereals, flour and associated finished products. The culture and the concept of ‘Italian Made’ is undoubtedly the common denominator that embraces all of the various food-processing and industrial businesses involved.

Our supply chain takes care of managing raw materials from the earliest stages of knowledge of the cereal, of the crops, of processing the product with advanced technology and experience, up to the transformation of the final product into products such as pasta, bread and bakery products in general.
Our supply chain shows you, as customers, every stage of the process, cultivation and processing of raw materials, to give you the feeling of being profound connoisseurs and representatives of products you will offer with all its distinctive features.


The collaboration between the various companies of the supply chain lead to the creation of a full training service within a research center, characterized by a large and futuristic auditorium, a mill, fields conceived as open spaces for precision agriculture and a campus serving for accommodation purposes. The center therefore provides for training from any point of view: from knowledge of seeds to the production and marketing of finished products.

S.I.S., founded in 1947 with the aim of multiplying and spreading the cereal varieties set up by the Institute of Plant Breeding of Bologna and by private individuals, is the leading company in the wheat seed sector and it is the oldest reality left in totally Italian hands. S.I.S. played an important role in the growth of productivity and quality of the domestic cereal farming. In 2017 Bonifiche Ferraresi S.p.A. has signed an agreement for the acquisition of a shareholding in S.I.S., an important operation for the control strategy of the agri-food supply chain.

BONIFICHE FERRARESI, established in 1871, is the largest Italian agricultural company by land surface, operative in the cultivation and marketing of agri-food products. The BF Group - of which Bonifiche Ferraresi is a part - currently has assets of approximately 9,500 hectares and includes 17 companies - including subsidiaries and affiliated companies. The BF Group is the first and only Italian agro-industrial group listed on the stock exchange. In 2015 OCRIM entered the share capital of BF SpA, an operation considered synergistic for the development of the cereal supply chain as the BF Group represents a reference production platform for the entire sector.

OCRIM, founded 1945, is one of the most important players in the milling sector worldwide and is specialised in the design and construction of mills for grinding wheat, corn, cereals in general and feed mills. Ocrim, thanks to its Italian Made brand, proves and documents the production and logistics process, which is carried out entirely in Italy at the company's workshops in Cremona, based on the pursuit of quality and design, which are the true and often unwritten laws of Italian culture. To confirm this business orientation and to integrate its service, in 2017 Ocrim took over FBC, an historical Italian company specialised in the design and construction of handling systems such as palletisation, wrapping or capping of the full pallet.

PAGLIERANI has been operating since 1926 as a leading company in the design, construction of machines and complete lines for weighing, packaging and bagging purposes. Paglierani is the partner that offers complete solutions and services for a variety of sectors: milling, animal feed, cement, chemical and petrochemical, sugar, dairy, cereal and many other industries.
The company designs and builds single machines and complete lines to give the customer the convenience of working with a single supplier. In 2008 Paglierani and Ocrim have signed an important corporate partnership and together they are the global players in the supply of “turnkey formula” milling plants.

MILLING HUB is a limited company whose purpose is to create and manage milling plants at the Ocrim site in via Riglio, Cremona. Milling Hub stands as a local hub for a better defense of the territory, ensuring the traceability of Italian raw materials from the field to the finished product through the control of the agri-food chain.
The project, put in place by Ocrim, consists in the construction of milling plants of which the single customer will have an exclusive use, with the double advantage of having a customized plant and the absence of management costs. Bonifiche Ferraresi, which committed to the project in its values, became the second shareholder.

GHIGI 1870 Ghigi 1870 S.p.A. has been making durum wheat pasta since 1870. The Ghigi pasta factory, which underwent growth and development after the acquisition by agricultural consortia in May 2010, is now the only Italian industrial business directly managed by the cereal growers. The pasta factory, with a production capacity of about 650 thousand quintals, currently has 2 short pasta production lines and 1 long pasta production line. In 2014 Ocrim became part of the share ownership of the Ghigi pasta factory, pursuing their common corporate philosophy: enhancing the short supply chain, guaranteeing an Italian Made product.

BIA S.p.A. based in Argenta (Ferrara) and active in the production and marketing of couscous from the Italian supply chain, is among the top players on the European market and world leader in the production of organic couscous. In 2022 OCRIM acquired a part in the share capital of BIA S.p.A., consolidating and reconfirming the large project of the Italian wheat supply chain.

LE STAGIONI D'ITALIA is the flagship parent brand of the BF Group, which landed on the shelves of large-scale distribution in 2018. To date, the brand's product portfolio consists of eight categories typical of the Italian tradition: pasta, rice, herbal teas, legumes and cereals, honey, extra virgin olive oil, tomato purée and pulp and shortly fresh eggs. All products are 100% Italian raw material. The keywords to best describe Le Stagioni d’Italia products are: Italian spirit, biodiversity, short and integrated supply chain, sustainability and traceability.

In January 2024, Ocrim acquired SIMA, specialized in the design and construction of storage systems that guarantee the optimal conservation of raw materials and finished products.
The integration of the skills of Sima - present in the sector for over forty years - allows Ocrim to strengthen its offer of complete solutions on the market, thanks to an almost total internalization of processes. This strategic move has led Ocrim to be an undisputed interlocutor in providing end-to-end solutions for the global milling industry.