Ocrim organises events every year, involving its customers, to make them feel an active and integral part of the event and activities. In fact, the team collects and analyses information in connection with requirements and issues regarding the milling sector in order to be able to organise day events and/or projects that are constructive to those who take part.



"Grano, Farina, E..." (Wheat, Flour, And...) is an annual event aimed at customers and associates to experience the Ocrim world, analysing issues dedicated to the analysis and growth of the milling industry on the national and international arena. The event has become a real Ocrim trademark.

"GRANO, FARINA E..." (Wheat, Flour, And...) 2023

“I love you all! You are all such beautiful people who always make me feel welcome and like part of your special Cremona family. Thank you all"
This is just one of the many messages sent to a member of the Ocrim team responsible for organising the 'Wheat, Flour And...' event, which was held in Rimini (and surrounding area) this year.


"GRANO, FARINA E..." (Wheat, Flour, And...) 2022

‘At Ocrim, we have understood how we need to work and how important it is to research and know everything about the raw material so that we can achieve excellent results. We sell technology all across the globe, also to emerging countries. It is our aim and wish to make sure that our international clients always feel as if they are at the heart of our business,’ said Alberto Antolini, CEO of Ocrim, during his welcoming address at the start of the ninth edition of ‘Grano, farina e…’ [Wheat, flour and...] before a packed audience of friends and clients from across the world.


"GRANO, FARINA E..." (Wheat, Flour, And...) 2019

Cremona, Italy - More than two hundred guests arrived at Ocrim historical headquarters in Massarotti street for attending to conference days characterized by very topical issues.


Grano, farina, e... 2017
"GRANO, FARINA, E..." (Wheat, Flour, And...) 2017 an edition held in Tuscany

The event continued on Saturday, September 16, at the S.Agostino Convention Centre in Cortona, an interesting conference was held that brought together various experts. Numerous topics were covered while all being correlated.


Grano, farina, e... 2016
"GRANO, FARINA, E..." (Wheat, Flour, And... Second instalment) 26 October 2016

At 2:15 pm the conference room of OCRIM had started looking like a film set. The whole team of the Cremona company and the many guests were anxiously waiting for the connection with the conference room of the Hilton hotel of Addis Ababa.


Grano, farina, e... 2016
"GRANO, FARINA, E..." (Wheat, Flour, And... First instalment) 26 October 2016

The sixth edition of "Wheat, Flour, And..." began with a technical conference strictly linked to the milling sector, entitled "Stone mills and alternative flours: nutritional pros and cons and food trends".


Grano, farina, e... 2015
"GRANO, FARINA, E..." (Wheat, Flour, And...) 21 May 2015 in IPACK-IMA

This year Ocrim has had again the pleasure to meet many customers and friends in occasion of the fifth edition of "Wheat, Flour, And..."
As an exception, it was celebrated at IPACK-IMA 2015 and, as usual, it aroused emotion and constructive curiosity.


Grano, farina, e... 2014
"GRANO, FARINA, E..." (Wheat, Flour, And...) 20-21 September 2014

"Wheat, Flour, And..." also this year has called many customers and friends who arrived from all over the world to spend two days full of events organized by the employees of the company, thus confirming the team spirit that distinguishes Ocrim family even in the organization of events that have a socio-cultural cutting.


Grano, farina, e... 2013
"GRANO, FARINA, E..." (Wheat, Flour, And...) 14-15 September 2013

"Wheat, Flour, And..." annual event is addressed to Ocrim customers, workers and to the cityzenry in order to understand Ocrim world by deepening themes dedicated to the analysis and development of the international milling industry.


Grano, farina, e... 2012
"GRANO, FARINA, E..." (Wheat, Flour, And...) 23 September 2012

To run over the milling line again, from wheat to flour, to let feel the unique reality of Ocrim, from the tradition to the more modern technoloty.


Grano, farina, e... 2011
"GRANO, FARINA, E..." (Wheat, Flour, And...) 25 September 2011

First edition of an annual event, dedicated to customers, company workers and citizenship.



Starting from 2020, Ocrim makes its know-how available through media initiatives such as webinars and on-demand meetings, designed and organised to update its audience regarding news and business plans through a discussion with Ocrim experts in real time.

O|Webinar is a series of free online appointments, reserved for operators in the milling sector, with the aim of creating a culture of sharing knowledge. Simultaneous translation is available in English, French and Spanish.

O|Ondemand is an even more personalized service, a "one to one" online meeting lasting half an hour. You will have the opportunity to speak with one of our experts on a topic chosen by you based on four proposed themes. Simultaneous translation is available in English, French and Spanish.

All webinars are available on a dedicated section of our Ocrim TV at the link


Located in the historic Ocrim headquarters, the "Silvia Paglierani" conference hall dates back to 2011. The hall, adjacent to the "Ocrim Core" museum and the pilot mill, was built in the Ocrim foundry.

It's a space designed for events, conferences and debates related to the milling world, but also to the agri-food sector in general. The presence of modern digital communication technologies, combined with attention to design and the passion for art, makes the hall welcoming and functional. The grey and red colours, the totems depicting a concob and an ear of wheat, represent the corporate identity. The innermost wall features the words "Will to power" by Friedrich Nietzsche, which simply means the ambition to reach the highest position in life. On the opposite side, instead, there is the painting by artist Federico Santini of a large cultivated field, where the colour scheme evokes the earth warmed by the sun. A hall full of hints to specific agricultural products, the starting poins for Ocrim.