Customer service plays a key role as it’s an integral part of the sales process. Ocrim has specific customer service teams, able to solve the problems and requests of customers, guiding them to solve the issues quickly and efficiently, both online and through on-site servicing.
The Ocrim support service also organises visits and/or operations to plan the various routine and/or special maintenance activities.


To ensure an ever faster and more effective service, various types of remote assistance have followed over time, in addition to on-site assistance. The most flexible remote maintenance solution is the teleservice, performed directly from our headquarters, entering the logic of the machine/plant operation to support the operator or solve a configuration problem, or perform operating diagnostics.

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The experience and professionalism of Ocrim staff are at the customer complete disposal for interventions and immediate assistance on site.
For any technical problem or malfunction at your plants, you can rely with confidence to the consolidated professionalism of our technicians operating in Italy and abroad.
Depending on the type of problem, there will be identified the suitable persons to solve it and will be agreed the intervention on site.

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Reliability, safety and technology throughout the life cycle of your plant.
Why use original spare parts? Because they are not standardized products but are tailor-made for the customer's machines. Original spare parts are products that, like machines, are a concrete expression of Ocrim's experience.
What are the advantages of using original spare parts? Compliance guarantee: the use of Ocrim original spare parts guarantees excellent performance of the machines and their maximum duration.
Support of skilled technicians: competence and experience in the spare parts field allow to locate in a short time the spare parts to be supplied to quickly solve the problems connected to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the products.
Assistance in time: supply of spare parts also for obsolete machinery, or complete assistance in the identification of products to be supplied in substitution.
Optimized logistic processes: the spare parts reach their destination as quickly and safely as possible.
Dedicated customers packages: upon request it will be supplied a suggested spare parts list for all the purchased machinery.
From May 2022, it is available a new platform, an e-commerce portal with interactive catalogues where spare parts for milling plants can be bought.

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The preventive maintenance carried out by skilled technicians will guarantee you the long-term operation of the plant.
When the milling plant must work 365 days/year, it’s essential to have the certainty that the maintenance of the machines is carried out properly and scheduled in time, so that to avoid interruptions.
A preventive regular maintenance improves the efficiency of the plant and consequently:
- guarantees the product quality;
- optimizes the performance of the plant;
- reduces the energy consumption;
- maintains the reliability;
- increases the useful life of the plant;
- reduces the requests for emergency interventions.
The protocols for the preventive maintenance foresee the assistance, the controls and the adjustments for all your plants when necessary.
Dedicated services packages are also foreseen to the maintenance of plants, to maintain the functionality always at maximum potential.

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