"Grano, Farina, E..." (Wheat, Flour And...) 2015
celebrated at Ipack-Ima as an exception

This year Ocrim has had again the pleasure to meet many customers and friends in occasion of the fifth edition of its "Wheat, Flour And..."
As an exception, it was celebrated at IPACK-IMA 2015 and, as usual, it aroused emotion and contructive curiosity.

Ocrim latest news was told by means of alternative and unusual languages. The event has required a preparation which saw Ocrim team occupied in other events useful for the realization of "WHEAT, FLOUR AND...." at IPACK-IMA 2015. In fact, a unique event, realized in the main square of Cremona on March 14th afternoon was filmed and then shown on the 21st at IPACK-IMA in order to present the new Ocrim line Superior Time. An orchestra composed by 65 young musicians, some dancers and many children took part in the event. An event which was organized on the base of what Ocrim wanted (and wants) to communicate: everybody works with harmony in order to create a solid future, a future which was revealed and then described during "WHEAT, FLOUR AND...." 2015 at IPACK-IMA booth.

From the early morning of May 21st the doors of Ocrim booth were opened to everybody, as every day during the exhibition, but Ocrim personnel seemed to be positively and fairly in tension while cusomers and friends were full of expectations since they were going to discover "the new". The event started at 12.30 p.m. with the launch of the video of the GAGA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA playing Italian hymn during the concert held at Ponchielli theatre of Cremona to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Ocrim. The two lively speakers of Radio Deejay, Andrea and Michele, welcomed everybody and explained the meaning of the video just seen, a video which makes everybody understand the sentiment of "Italianity" on which Ocrim working approach is based, approach known as ITALIAN MADE, which has become a true trade mark for Ocrim S.p.A. Andrea and Michele then launched the video that everybody was waiting for, the video, which tells about the birth of something very important, something not visible in video, but for real. After the video view, the son of Ocrim Chief Executive Officer and the son of the Vice President uncovered the two "new born" roller mills, which from the main square of Cremona symbolically arrived at IPACK-IMA to be shown to the public. The two roller mills of the new Ocrim line Superior Time surprised everybody above all for their innovative design.

Alberto Antolini and his brother Sergio, respectively CEO and Vice President of Ocrim S.p.A., welcomed the guests together with the presenters and the deputy-mayor of Cremona, Maura Ruggeri, and they talked about the mutual consideration between the city and Ocrim since both of them source of prestige, culture and wealth. Alberto Antolini then told about the meaning of the name Superior Time since it is an exemple which comes from the past, when during the 50s Ocrim used the name Superior to indicate the single structure mills installed inside low buildings and sold all over the world. Therefore, the name of the new line represents Ocrim's strong sense of identity, but above all the will to look at the past as a great example already made of experience and futuristic approach.

Annalisa Antolini, Alberto's daughter, then reached her father on the stage and explained everybody how her family has contributed to make Ocrim the strong company that is today. She also talked about the objectives already reached, but above all she has revealed in advance something about a project on which Ocrim is already working, an ambitious project that will be named "Dream Mill".

Then, the awaited special guest, the famous chef Davide Oldani, Ambassador of EXPO 2015, famous for his concept of "pop-food", started his performance and prepared a course that he invented and realized just for Ocrim: fregola, crunchy wheat, plum, orange skin and coffee powder. By means of this particular course, Oldani intended to summarize the concept of the relation between innovation-tradition which belongs to Ocrim.

After Oldani's performance, Ocrim decided to say goodbye to everybody through a video whose main character was the manual labor job. The aim of the video was to thank everybody to have joined the event, but also to remind that Ocrim S.p.A. is a solid entity that is able to look concretely at the furure thanks to people who work using their hands besides their head, in order to creare innovative products and satisfy all customer's requests.

Ocrim team wishes to meet you next year for the sixth edition of "Wheat, Flour And..," in order to share together news, surprises and ideas.
"To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe."
(Anatole France, scrittore francese)