"Grano, farina, e..." (Wheat, Flour And...) 2016

Following the conference, the guests moved on to the assembly department of the company, where lunch was served in line with the content and principles of the day: a table was artistically prepared with products from the Italian agro-food excellence, whose influential representatives attended the afternoon conference “Italian Food DNA”.

“Wheat, flour and” continued after lunch. The whole team of the Cremona company and the many guests were anxiously waiting for the connection with the conference room of the Hilton hotel of Addis Ababa where, simultaneously, the twin conference “Italian Food DNA - High quality production for the growth of agricultural sector and customer health”, on Italian excellences, was being held. It was also shown and told about the new experience started by Ocrim, whose partnership with Bonifiche Ferraresi S.p.A. has made the Cremona company integral part of the agro-food business chain.

In this way and during a single day, Ocrim made it clear it is ready and open to new interesting challenges, always remaining in touch with its core skills and aware of its origins and traditions.