Just a year ago in another article, we described the success of Ocrim-FBC, one of the company's flagship departments. The success has continued, and has acted as a stimulus to make increasingly innovative choices, to meet the demands and needs of all our customers, whether new or long-standing.

The topic of Harinero Sula in Honduras has made a comeback, as the construction of the second palletising line has now been successfully completed. This required us to design very precise tailor-made solutions, to meet the complex nature of the customer's requirements.
The second line features two robots working side by side to receive 50 and 100-pound bulk bags from a single (pre-existing) overhead conveyor. The various bags are then channelled to the dedicated line, according to the weight read by a checkweigher. The simultaneous palletising and use of the single winder offer great savings in both costs and space, and also great advantages in relation to maintenance. The considerable flexibility in the production process allows the lines to work at full capacity, as the customer requested.

From Honduras, let’s come back to Europe, and more specifically to Les Moulins Advens in Strasbourg. For them, we designed and built a very inventive and versatile palletising line for the production of 10 and 25 kg bags of flour. Thanks to an on-going, positive dialogue with the customer, we were able to develop customised solutions that were highly innovative in terms of engineering, technology and aesthetic design.
The line consists of a robot that takes the bags containing fine powder (flour) and places them inside a machine with a palletising compactor trolley, which presses them and arranges them on the pallet. The robot-stacker combination was specially designed and built to increase the rate of production and the overall quality of the full pallet. In addition, a special metal detector was stationed on the input line to check for the presence of any metal parts inside the bag, plus a checkweigher to ascertain whether the bag complied with the weight limits set by the customer, with the automatic rejection of any non-compliant bags.

We are proud to relay these two success stories of projects completed to the full satisfaction of the customers: one long-standing (Harinero Sula) and one new (Les Moulins Advens) customer. These are just "two examples", because the Ocrim-FBC department has carried out and is currently engaged in many different projects, with designs that are tailor-made to customer needs. All of this success and the increase in demand for Ocrim-FBC end-of-line systems have prompted the company's Marketing/Communication department to create a special brochure for this type of system.

Ocrim-FBC is seen as the important final link in an industrial supply chain that was already well integrated, with every process carried out in-house, ensuring that Ocrim's quality products are fully traceable, checked and certified.

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