Well, there you are… we were able to satisfy our numerous customers and friends who asked us to organise “Wheat, flour and…” and we did it. We came through!

We decided to begin organising a while ago, when we realised that the pandemic situation had greatly improved. But the decisive factor was the desire to come together once again, after three long years, to experience together constructive, formative and professional moments, as well as festive and friendly. Like we’ve always done.
We’ll show you important novelties related to the company and its innovative expansion. It will include a technical day with important contents and current events, presided by personalities from the academic world and experts in the milling industry. You will be led along a cultural path linked to our territory, famous worldwide for violins, music and art in general.
Professionalism, cultural approach and festivity. These are the elements that characterise the welcome we’ll reserve for you during the two days of “Wheat, flour and …”.

Thus far, a large amount of participants have registered. And we thank you infinitely, because, besides always supporting our event “Wheat, FLour And …”, you represent the Engine which “moves” this great company.

See you in Cremona, The Ocrim team