APRIL 2019

The Kazakh Company has chosen Ocrim for the design and construction of the plant, both for its high technological profile, and for the attention and awareness that Ocrim addresses to organic products, having, in recent years, materialized the important path of the agri-food chain.

Close attention has also been paid to the raw material, as the semolina is obtained from organic durum wheat produced in Kazakhstan. Also in this case, therefore, we can talk about zero kilometer product. From the raw material to the consumers' table, there is the certainty and awareness of the high quality of the product, guaranteed through the management@mill system, by Ocrim, for the traceability of the production lots.

The CEO of Agrimer-Astyk, Tair Batalov, considered Ocrim the perfect choice, as he considers it the "right conclusion" of a well-defined project. He stated: "for our company, offering an organic, safe and fully traceable product is a duty. Our customers and, in general, consumers are our first interlocutors. We relied on Ocrim to build our plant, because we want to be sure that organic semolina is of high and guaranteed quality. We therefore considered it a duty to choose a partner, such as Ocrim, who had our own point of view and modus operandi.

Alberto Antolini, CEO of Ocrim, gratified by the words of Tayr Batalov, added: "for Ocrim it is an honor to work for the first time with Agrimer-Astyk, and not just because it's a new customer. What makes me and, in general, Ocrim proud concerns the concept of the supply chain, and so traceability and certainty of the high quality of the product. Being chosen by a new customer like Agrimer-Astyk gives us the complete certainty of having made the right choices a few years ago, when we embarked on the path that has led us to THE ITALIAN AGRI-FOOD CHAIN CHOICE. "