APRIL 2020

With great satisfaction, also the testing of the last line that underwent complete retrofitting has been conducted, which involved the three H, I & J lines of the largest milling complex in Indonesia. Composed of 15 lines, from letter A to letter O, the PT ISM Bogasari Flour Mills milling plant in Jakarta now features a daily capacity of 11,650 tonnes and a production capacity of over 4 million tonnes. Each line is equipped with Ocrim machines, a major supplier of the Indonesian company with whom they have had a loyal and constructive partnership since 1971.

The complete retrofitting, as requested by the customer, was carried out on one line at a time, to avoid compromising production. This therefore made it possible for production to continue uninterruptedly on two lines for the 3 years required to complete all three lines. This choice required Ocrim to study specific design and installation strategies, working first on the cleaning lines and then proceeding to the grinding lines, increasing the production capacity from 800 T/24h to 1200 T/24h on each line.

Many new solutions were implemented in terms of food safety, maintenance, automation and energy savings: stainless steel machines, to guarantee the wholesomeness of the finished products; Modular Technology Concept to be able to stop only parts of the mill without compromising overall production during maintenance operations; software @rollermills for the remote control of rollermills from tablets; automatic adjustment of the pneumatic system through inverter to optimise consumption.
A true challenge conducted with the typical professionalism and passion of the Ocrim team, ready to satisfy customer needs.