APRIL 2021

Grand Forks (USA) - North Dakota Mill has entrusted Ocrim with the construction of two new milling plants and the revamping of an existing one. A real challenge that Ocrim accepted without hesitation.

Another handshake consolidates the historical relationship, of esteem and trust that exists between the American company North Dakota Mill and Ocrim, thanks to these new important projects, which see the construction of two milling plants, H and I, and the revamping of an existing one. Three projects with a high technological profile and particularly tight and highly challenging delivery times. H mill, for durum wheat processing, will have a capacity of 360 T / D, while I mill, for hard wheat, will have a capacity of 250 T / D. For the existing D mill, of 250 T / D, the conversion from durum wheat to hard soft wheat is foreseen, with an increase in capacity and with the integration of Ocrim machines of the latest conception.
In both mills, H and I, the attention towards the restrictive rules related to sanitation will dominate, as a series of particularities are envisaged, including the installation of all the process machines, the pneumatic system and the pipes in stainless steel. All this will ensure a safe as well as excellent final product. In both mills, cutting-edge cleaning technology are provided, also through the use of the latest generation color sorters. In the H mill, the debranning section for durum grain will be characterized by diamond technology.
An important figure that unites the three mills is the aspect linked to energy saving, through the installation of innovative systems that allow considerable energy optimization.
“We have chosen Ocrim, because it has always proved to be a loyal and supportive partner. We demanded very short delivery times and Ocrim accepted this challenge, precisely because it is aware of its organizational, management and strategic skills. Skills already put to the test even in this severe pandemic period. Together we have already won many challenges and we, at North Dakota Mill, are excited to WALK THE ITALIAN WAY again". These are the words of Vance Taylor, president and general manager of North Dakota Mill.

In general, the American milling industrial scenario is predominantly conquered by Ocrim technology. A technology that translates into innovative techniques that aim at results conceptually and qualitatively linked to tradition. Quality, reliability and “Italianity” are the figures that make Ocrim the company of choice in America - and beyond - and the words of Vance Taylor cited above are concrete evidence of this.