Dear customers and friends of this great community,
I can't help writing to thank you personally for the wonderful year that is about to end. A year of successes, innovations and confirmations, a year that has enriched us both professionally and humanely, thanks to new projects conceived, which will see their achievement in the near future, and others successfully completed. Also thanks to the new partnerships, formed this year, of which we are already seeing the first outcomes and that will allow us to expand our skills and broaden our horizons.

I am grateful to the whole Ocrim Family, made up of people who make their contribution every day so that the company is the solid reality it is. I think of all the people in this company who spend most of their time away from Cremona and from their loved ones, perhaps in places that are on the other side of the world, to make the name of Ocrim resound everywhere as a synonym of experience, quality and commitment.

You, Ocrim’s customers, are the true driving force of this ingenious community and this year, even more than other years, you have shown us your trust and esteem. Recently we have had a significant increase in requests, an increase also recorded in countries where Ocrim's presence was not so decisive. And we owe it to you, dear friends and customers, and to the way you have told your experience, stimulating new companies to approach us.

Michael Jordan once said that "Talent wins games, but intelligence and teamwork win championships" and, even if we are not on a basketball court, I completely agree with him, as the professional and intellectual cohesion of the Ocrim corporate team is the fundamental element for a constructive operation that has always been appreciated by everybody.

Now we are ready to welcome 2020 with enthusiasm and curiosity, that typical curiosity of those who consciously meet new experiences... and I stress consciously, as they have been studied and designed for a long time.

I wish a happy year-end and an incredible 2020 to all of you!
Alberto Antolini