Ocrim technical team together with FMB Engine srl, an engineering company that deals with research and development of industrial plants, founded in 2014 as a spin-off of the University of Parma, have studied a "combined system", Flownex + Ansys Fluent, useful for an ever more efficient design of aspiration systems, both in technological and sanitation point of view.

Pilot aspiration system installed at the Department of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Parma

Yes, because the fluid dynamics simulation of Ansys Fluent, which allows to analyze single machines and components (roller mills, purifiers, filters, etc.), applied to Flownex technology, a two-dimensional system dedicated to the study of air conveying networks (such as manifolds), allows a precise calculation of the velocity rate with the prevention of airflow losses. Therefore, a well-calculated and balanced aspiration system ensures a better level of sanitation, resulting in the reduction of infestation and in the reduction of time for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

Flownex representation of an aspiration system
Motion fields inside the filter obtained from the simulation of the air jet filter with Ansys Fluent)

This project is combined with other innovations introduced in the milling sector, such as the use of stainless steel in process equipment and, only a few years ago, antimicrobial sieves, designed and manufactured to avoid microbial proliferation within the plansifter and to prevent cross-contaminations between different batches of cereals, without altering the characteristics of the flour and maintaining a high quality standard.
The project, of experimental nature, has been tested to certify the quality and effectiveness of the system.
Such innovative study was presented in Vicenza last October, at the International CAE Conference and Exhibition, a context in which strategic solutions for industry 4.0 are presented and discussed.

Ocrim and FMB benefit from a long lasting partnership and they have been carrying out projects for some years confirming the fact that Ocrim believes and constantly invests in Research and Development, thus giving possibilities and resources to a sector guided by young and brilliant minds that work for progress and industrial innovation.