The investor is someone who believes in a better tomorrow.
Ocrim believes it and that is why we dedicate more than 7.5 million euro in expansion and company improvement for the three-years period 2021-2023.
The new year will bring with it the Fluting Hub, allowing customers to directly make use of a new specific area for management of the grinding rollers that will accommodate a new roller fluting detachment system. The newest feature consists in the supply of stations for fluting, grinding, balancing and an innovative system for coating the outer surface of the rollers in titanium to enhance their efficiency, wear-resistance and to lengthen their service life.
New investments also regard the Milling Hub complex located at the Cremona canal port: in response to a request made by a new customer, a second mill for grinding durum wheat will be made.
In the wake of the investments already made in 2020, we continue the company’s Digital Transformation process by putting two software systems into service: our goal is to completely convert Ocrim to DIGITAL within 2023.

We also continue modernizing the joinery department commenced in 2020 with the purchase of the new 3D laser, which proved to be the right choice by increasing productivity by 50%. In 2021, we will also expand the welding area. Modern equipment means greater control, regularisation and efficiency of the welding process based on the market’s demand for evermore customised processing thanks to the third robotic welding station.
Lastly, in the wake of the enormous success which our OcrimWebinar achieved, beginning in August 2020, there will be a new series of appointments in 2021 related to assistance, consultancy and maintenance technology. Further information and technical details will be communicated throughout 2021.

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