Almost one year has passed since the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic, but we still have a long way to go through. During this period, OCRIM managed to adapt quickly and successfully to the situation in order to assure her presence, care and proximity to her customers.
In an historical moment like this, in which maintaining social distancing is more than necessary - a moral and civic duty - the ability to keep in touch acquires a new value. Far, but never distant becomes the slogan of a company that manages to shorten any distance, letting people feel her presence while respecting all closures and limitations.
Despite the adoption of strict precautional measures aimed to ensuring the safety of travels, OCRIM has always been operational and able to travel around the world in compliance with international laws and each country internal arrengements.
Few days ago Europe confirmed that travels are allowed within the european borders for essential and work-related reasons, so that OCRIM is self-sufficient and able to ensure its commercial presence, a personalized customer care and on-site logistics interventions in the main European countries.
The virus does not stop, but OCRIM, now more than ever, unfolds all her resources to support her customers in the paths undertaken together. Hope dies last: we will soon go back in being citizens of the world.