The lines have been in service for over 40 years and originally supplied by Ocrim, for a capacity of 800 ton/24h for each line. The two phases involved, in the first instance, the retrofit and expansion of the cleaning lines and, secondly, the complete retrofit and expansion of the 3 milling lines with the requirement to take them to the maximum capacity possible within the same building footprint. Ocrim has obviously accepted the challenge and has transformed the three milling lines reaching a daily capacity of 50% higher than the previous ones, i.e. for a capacity of 1200 tons / 24h for each line

Ocrim has experienced this umpteenth challenge as an arduous “test” because of the particular requirements of Bogasari Flour Mills, which have generated new initiatives and solutions by Ocrim that has used all its state of art knowledge to achieve a result above the expectations. Once again, therefore, Ocrim has proven to be an attentive, reliable and innovative partner. Once again, it is chosen by one of the largest milling companies in the world to carry out cutting-edge investments. Once again Ocrim is proud of its work of which it is aware thanks to the customer’s satisfaction, because, thanks to this project, it has enhanced both its and Bogasari Flour Mills’ know-how and experience, from a technological and plant engineering point of view.