To provide increasingly performing products, Ocrim continues to invest to boost its production department, integrating 2D laser cutting and a third robotic welding station.

The machine with 2D fibre laser cutting is able to cut semi-finished products of various materials: carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium. In addition to high precision and speed cutting, it features low energy and environmental impact, as the fibre laser offers very reduced consumption. The machine does not need to be manned, as it features eight levels of sheet metal storage and software that automatically arranges all of the parts of cutting.

The third welding stationis equipped with an anthropomorphic robot that can be programmed remotely. It can weld intermittently on two stations for a length of 16 metres.Thanks to its technological profile, it is also able to process aluminium (in addition to stainless and carbon steel) and it has an innovative system – CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) - that makes it possible to weld thin thicknesses, ensuring high product quality.

The aforementioned investments aim to simplify in-house work, but most of all to offer Ocrim’s customers with materials and products that are increasingly reliable and performing, that are the result of Engineering research work and a futuristic concept of industry 4.0.