JULY 2021

Cremona (Italy) - on June 29th, at Ocrim’s headquarters, the agreement was formally signed between AGCO, a world-renowned company in the design, production and distribution of precision agricultural machinery and technology, and Ocrim, a primary player in global level in the production of milling plants supplied "turnkey" and through tailor-made solutions.

Seated at the desk of the Ocrim conference room to sign the agreement were Alberto and Sergio Antolini, respectively CEO and President of Ocrim and Stefan Caspari - Senior Vice President, AGCO Grain & Protein, the latter arrived in Cremona together with Stephan Buskies, Vice President & General Manager, AGCO Grain & Protein, EAME.

Values, futuristic vision, seriousness, high technological profile and a concept completely based on the Italian Made philosophy are the values for which Ocrim is considered a solid and indispensable partner in this strategic alliance just signed and much desired by the companies involved.
AGCO, through the expertise of Cimbria and GSI in material storage, processing and handling systems, and Ocrim, with almost 80 years of experience in the milling sector, aim to be protagonists of a constructive change, for a highly sustainable global food industry, which meets the food needs of the population around the world and in particular of developing countries, such as Asia, the Middle East and Africa. “Farm to Fork”, in fact, is one of the symbolic expressions pronounced during the signing ceremony. An expression that summarizes a vision that is certainly not new for the companies involved, but which from today, thanks to this strategic alliance, will have an even more specialized and tangible cut.

“The world is changing and today’s developed market is no longer seeking a conventional technology provider. Customers want a reliable partner capable of offering and delivering multiple tailor-made solutions. I strongly believe that the future is projected towards a ‘Farm to Fork’ solution, and this partnership is the pillar of such philosophy”, Alberto Antolini said during the signing ceremony. Words that translate into awareness and attention not only to customers, but to consumers in general. A vision, that of Antolini, concrete and enlightened, which aims to safeguard the Common Good of All.
"A melting pot of knowledge, skills and energy - but also cultural - which translates into a single desire: to satisfy the needs of customers all over the world, through high quality standards, to offer intelligent and innovative solutions from a single interlocutor who considers sustainability and food safety the core of its business. I am also happy to share this venture with a partner, Ocrim, whose Italian character is known and appreciated all over the world and which for us is a great added value ". This is Stefan Caspari's comment immediately after signing the strategic alliance pact with Ocrim.

At the end of the ceremony, all those present visited the historic headquarters of Ocrim, the premises of the canal port of Cremona and the new mill complex, Milling Hub, where various Cimbria and GSI supplies are present.