JULY 2021

Ciminna (Palermo, Italy) – The awareness of relying on a winning partner and the certainty of being able to obtain significant results thanks to highly technological and qualitative machinery led Daniele Cassata, Managing Director of Molino San Vito Società Cooperativa, to entrust Ocrim, in June 2019, with the modernisation of its durum wheat plant for the production of semolina. Testing was carried out almost a year ago and, to date, the cooperative’s management is fully satisfied with the work carried out and the results it is achieving.

The modernisation was focused on the pre-cleaning, cleaning and grinding sections. Excellent and high-performance Ocrim machines were installed in order to increase the mill’s production capacity (from 110 to 160 T/24h), adapt the plant according to strict Atex standards and raise the quality of the semolina to the highest levels.
Diamond grindstone debranners have been installed to guarantee maximum debranning efficiency and longer production life. Antimicrobial sieves have been incorporated into the plansifters to ensure greater product wholesomeness and optimise machine maintenance. These choices are increasingly shared and adopted by Ocrim customers, both old and new, worldwide. Innovative solutions that are the result of constant, attentive work by Ocrim’s entire Research & Development department.

The business relationship with Molino San Vito started about fifteen years ago when Ocrim supplied them with machines for slight plant modernisation. This first task represented the beginning of a serious, long-lasting and constructive relationship that has led Ocrim to take on the modernisation and expansion of the plant today.
“The most important ‘lesson’ of our relationship lies at the very start of this experience: what was done fifteen years ago has gradually led to building an important relationship based on presence and trust that made it possible for Ocrim to be subsequently chosen to modernise the entire plant at Molino San Vito and to be part of their potential future choices.” These are the words of Ocrim’s Managing Director, Alberto Antolini.