JULY 2022

This is it: be the first to find out what surprise we have in store for you. The Ai-lati blog is now up and running and has had a complete makeover. We have rearranged content to make it easier for you to search for published articles and offer you a more enjoyable browsing experience, by combining the Italian and English versions of the website.

Go to www.ai-lati.com and enjoy browsing!

We originally set up the Ai-Lati blog to tell you how much we love our job and about the passion we pour into every single project, but also about our enthusiastic approach to finding increasingly innovative and effective solutions. It has already been over four years since we published our first article (it was 17 February 2018) and, during all this time, we have given our experts a voice, introduced novelties, spoken about how we operate – also from a human and social perspective – and have shared our achievements around the world with you. There are more and more of you following us every day, and your increasing interest has encouraged us to continue celebrating this major milestone by revamping our blog. While the format may have changed, we have remained the same and still have an unwavering desire to talk about ourselves and bridge the distance between us.