JULY 2019

The silo is composed of two storage units of 60,000 tons each (for a total of 120,000 tons), divided by the head house, capable of receiving the wheat from the quay line, with a capacity of 1000 T / h. The wheat is received from the ships through two pneumatic ship unloaders, and then it is transferred to the head house by belt conveyors. In the head house, the wheat is weighed and pre-cleaned at a capacity of 1000 T / h, and then it is ensiled inside the storage bins. There are also two trucks receiving hoppers of two 200 T / h lines each.
The main purpose of this important project decided by SAGO is to receive imported wheat, to store it in the storage bins and then to supply it to the milling companies through bulk shipment on trucks, with a capacity of 400 T / h.

Ocrim and Haif Company have already collaborated on important projects for SAGO, therefore the new storage silo of Yanbu is the testimony of this lasting and loyal partnership. The CEO of Ocrim, Alberto Antolini, stated: "Haif represents a fundamental partner for us. This latest project proves a relationship based on trust and awareness of the competence of both. In the past, with Haif Company, we shared the experience in the construction of Hail, Jazan, Medina and Al Jouf flour mills and silos where Ocrim S.p.A. was the main contractor directly chosen by GSFMO, now SAGO. This time it is Haif, as the main contractor, who has chosen us as reliable partners, for a complex job that sees an innovative approach based on what we, at Ocrim, can guarantee. A project that requires very specific production objectives, almost reaching its positive conclusion. We can only be proud of it and recognize that the previous and current experience between our two companies will bring other important projects to share ".