MAY 2020

Makfa - one of the Top 5 pasta producers in the world and the No. 1 brand in Eastern Europe - is preparing for a new investment project: the installation of an additional and new mill for grinding durum wheat. The particularity of the project is that it must be carried out within the context of the global coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19). For Ocrim, it is the first contract after the official and total reopening, which took place on May 4th due to this emergency. An agreement reached during a conference call that ended with a virtual handshake.
Ocrim is Makfa's historical partner: in the last 10 years two durum wheat mills (having respectively a capacity of 330 and 360 T/24h) have been set up in the Roschino mill complex (Chelyabinsk Region) and a 400 T/24h soft/hard wheat mill in the Kurgan mill complex. The new 250T/24h mill will be installed in the existing building in Chelyabinsk.

The new contract includes the supply of a complete durum wheat range with quality and reliability characteristics that Makfa has always sought and found in Ocrim. "To be one of the Top pasta producers in the world – said Anton Belousov, Managing Director of Makfa - it is necessary to have high-quality semolina, which is the result of high-quality cereal, and processed with the best machines and modern technologies on the market today”.

n turn, the CEO of Ocrim, Alberto Antolini, commented on the imminent joint project “Ocrim has been the official supplier of the major durum wheat plants in Russia for many years. We are therefore proud to have been chosen again by one of the top players in pasta production in Russia and worldwide. In an emergency like what we’ve gone through, this important milestone represents a great sign of optimism”.