MAY 2022

Courses on applied milling technology are due to start in September. They will be based on a 4.0 training concept, with practical tests at the Milling Hub.

Ocrim has plenty of news: after announcing that we have launched O-parts, Ocrim e-commerce platform that is now up and running, we are ready to welcome students from all over the world to the O-School.
Ocrim has always offered state-of-the-art training, with constantly updated content, both for personnel of industrial companies and for people who intend to start a new professional journey in the milling sector.
But this year’s big news is that students will have the opportunity to get a hands-on experience: Ocrim expert teachers will guide them through a highly experimental training programme, which will involve the use of cutting-edge technology at the Milling Hub, the milling complex set up by Bonifiche Ferraresi and Ocrim, which will serve both as a milling plant and milling school throughout the courses.

Life coach Marie Forleo once said something along the lines of, “I can’t think of any successful people who wait until they feel ready to start.” And we agree with her because if we had not been so audacious, we would not have achieved so many important milestones in such a short space of time. On the other hand, we feel that it is essential to gain confidence and grounding before embarking on such a challenging – and yet fascinating – a journey in the milling industry. That is exactly why, since 1967, Ocrim’s Scuola di Tecnologia Molitoria (Milling Technology School) has been committed to ensuring that students from all over the world acquire know-how and experience so that they can become passionate and expert millers.

If you would like to receive more information about course dates, how to participate, and costs, please email

Ocrim educational and training activities were halted for two years due to the risks linked to COVID-19 and the related restrictions. This year, we have made arrangements to meet all the requests we have received from all over the world over the last few months. That brings us great joy and makes us feel proud of ourselves since, although we are all well aware that the pandemic is an issue to be concerned about, we can finally see that things are slowly – yet cautiously – going back to normal.