MARCH 2021

We are pleased to announce that the advanced training courses have started being held at the Ocrim S.p.A. headquarters in Cremona, under a renewed profile, thanks to the new milling complex - Milling Hub.

Many innovations accompany the “Ocrim Spring 2021” and training lies at their very core. We have always been committed to offer avant-garde training, with constantly updated content, both for personnel of external industrial companies and for people who intend to start a new professional journey in the milling sector.
Marco Galli, Chief Technologist of the milling school and head of the Ocrim milling technology department, together with other company experts, will guide the students along a futuristic training course, supported by the avant-garde aspect and technology of the Milling Hub structure, which will act as a real facility/school, during the training courses. Thus, the decision to establish the Milling Hub Masterclass milling academy.
A long, important road has been paved ever since 1967 - the year the Ocrim School of Milling Technology was founded. A path perfectly aligned with the company's evolution and which involves other important Italian agro-industrial companies, such as Bonifiche Ferraresi. Ocrim and Bonifiche Ferraresi have inspired the contents for setting up the Milling Hub and the Masterclass training project.
A melting-pot of skills encompassed by Ocrim and Bonifiche, which fine-tune complete training cycles, which range from the knowledge of seeds right through to marketing the finished products, while also learning the processing cycles of cereals and legumes.
Based on this context and on request, training has been upgraded to the University campus of Jolanda di Savoia (Ferrara, Italy) – a training and research centre – which offers advanced training courses on and Master’s degrees in agriculture 4.0, which range from techniques to technologies of Precision Farming, not only for in field application, but also to further development and improve technologies used.
Ocrim and Bonifiche Ferraresi provide a great training hub, thanks to which it is possible to look ahead constructively, while considering solely the common good of the Italian agro-food supply chain and all the companies that revolve around this.