MARCH 2021

Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) – Ocrim, fifteen years down the line, has supplied a new plant to SBCI Industrie, a company forming part of Groupe Hajjar.

The plant for processing common wheat has a capacity of 600 T/24h and will produce two types of flour:
boulangerie, for baking, and patisserie or beignet, with a low ash content, for pastry or special applications. Important flours - especially boulangerie - for the agro-food industry and the needs of the African continent.

With regard to patisserie and beignet flours, a single nozzle bagging line is envisaged for 10-25-50 Kg bags. These flours are mainly destined for patisseries or food laboratories; therefore, their trade is oriented towards a more limited market.
The boulangerie flour is intended for the large industrial bakeries present throughout Burkina Faso and the neighbouring countries. Bagging is carried out by two high capacity jigs. The bagging potential for this type of flour is approximately 80%, a percentage that tells us how important its demand is in this area. A request that SBCI Industrie promptly responded to through Ocrim’s technology.

The plant was installed during the harshest period of the COVID-19 pandemic and also during a phase of difficult political-social tensions that have been afflicting Burkina Faso for some time. As a result to the versatility of the two companies and with the help of the diplomatic expertise of SBCI Industrie’s CEO and his reassurances, maximum safety was always guaranteed for the specialised personnel involved in installing the plant.

Groupe Hajjar plans to create a proper agri-food centre, thereby becoming an essential reference point for the entire area. Ocrim, at the customer’s request, has designed the plant for possible future expansion, supporting this wise vision. SBCI Industrie also has an extensive network of industrial bakeries in Burkina Faso. This shows the importance and farsightedness of a company that represents a tangible economic player for this part of the African continent.

Fifteen years ago, Ocrim supplied the sub-Saharan company with a common wheat processing plant with a capacity of 180 T/24h. Today, we at Ocrim are once again proud to support the healthy and enlightened business of the Hajjar family.