MARCH 2022

Khartoum (Sudan) – Morouj Commodities L.T.D., founded in 2005, is considered among the largest companies in the food packaging, processing, importing, and exporting sector in Sudan, providing a diversified range of products to fulfill every brand promise to its stakeholders.

One year ago, the group decided to enter the milling market, entrusting Ocrim with the construction of its first milling plant: Ocrim, in fact, is - and will be - at Moroujs’ side in this new and ambitious challenge.

State-of-the-art-plant for Morouj
A 600 T / 24h wheat plant will be built to obtain high quality flours to produce pasta and bakery products. It will be equipped with a 1200 T flour storage section, with an integrated 40 T / h mixing line that also allows the production of special flours through the addition of micro-ingredients.
The plant, with a high technological profile, will be configured with the innovative Modular Milling Concept, of which Ocrim is a pioneer. It allows cutting-edge maintenance, since it gives the possibility to stop only a part of the mill, resulting in greater productivity and also flexibility in planning scheduled or unexpected maintenance. All that was possible thanks to cutting-edge technological solutions for layout, plant engineering and automation. The management of the plant is, in fact, entrusted to Management@mill, the Ocrim management software useful to control, in real time, the performance of the entire plant.

First milling plant for new customers
More and more companies, already integrated in the agri-food market, are approaching the milling sector for the first time. A thriving, but complex sector, which implies targeted and in-depth knowledge on the part of those who want to be part of it. In this last period, Ocrim has received many requests - such as this one just described - from important companies that have decided to take a path that is new to them. But they are sure of doing so with their own commercial experience, making use of a serious ally, top player in the milling sector. We can only tell it with sincere pride.