Ocrim has recently studied and designed the Roll State Detector , a new innovative device that allows the precise calculation of the roll wear. The aim is to improve the performance characteristics of the mill, preventing possible losses in the production process.

The device is based on a sensor that sends a bright laser ray and calculates the distance with a very high precision. Distance measurement allows to obtain the profile of the object concerned. Both the reading and the processing of the data take place in real time. It is equipped with a software, patented by Ocrim, which implements an ad hoc solution to estimate the wear of the grinding rolls over time, with the possibility of having the history of each single roll simply by inserting its serial number.

It was initially designed to validate the usefulness of the titanium rolls, for a decisive assessment of the convenience and efficiency of the titanium coating, and was subsequently refined and completed for a continuous and daily use aimed at checking the status of each roll. Today Ocrim, after a period of testing and industrialization of the Roll State Detector, equipped with an industrial touch computer, is ready to present it to its customers.

Ocrim, through this latest innovation, once again demonstrates its determination to listen to the needs of its customers, to then develop and implement the right solutions to improve and simplify their work.