If you happen to spend a few days in Tuscany, we suggest you go to the little village of Pomarance to look for Il Cerreto, a biological and biodynamic organic farm that stretches for about 370 hectares in the hills near Pisa. Here, in addition to stay and buy zero km products, it is possible to see the combined grinding line for soft and hard grains, other cereals and legumes, supplied by Ocrim and tested in 2020, whose "main" subject is the stone mill. The owners, Carlo Boni Brivio and his wife Carla, choose Ocrim for its decades of experience in the cereal field, for its high technological profile and for its well-known link with tradition. The Ocrim workshops studied and built a plant with a capacity of 500 Kg / h, suitable for both the grinding of durum wheat and soft wheat, as well as spelled and chickpeas.

The peculiarity of the installation lies in the stone grinding with the latest generation BioStoneMill plant combined with the use of machines for a cylinder mill with a dedicated diagram for this interaction. and the processing of several different products. The BSM is a machine designed and built by recovering the ancient tradition of stone grinding applied to the industrial concepts of modern milling technology.

The result is an example of a successful combination of tradition and innovation: the grinding with the stone mill allows you to taste now lost flavors, to grind cereals "as it once was" thanks to the rediscovery of an ancient process, but with the use of avant-garde technology vehicle of reliability, safety and excellence to guarantee healthier and more genuine products.