Back in 2017 Ocrim officially launched the innovative plastic antimicrobial sieve on the market. The result of a sophisticated biotechnological/engineering study that produced the results that translated into an actual revolution for those who own or work in mills on a daily basis.
The objective was to guarantee a very high level of sanitation in order to obtain an excellent and safe product intended for the end consumer.
The immediate success of this product led us to boost this type of research and to study a way to adapt them to non-Ocrim machines. Our “inspiration” came from the requests of some of our customers, requests that increasingly pointed to plastic sieves - antimicrobial and non - as they are considered more effective, strong and reliable.

One of the main examples of this type of innovative intervention is our Egyptian customer Middle & West Delta Flour Mills Co., who asked us to replace non-Ocrim plansifter wood sieves with plastic Ocrim sieves. The job was a success because, in this way, Ocrim was able to perform a circumscribed modernisation of the plant solely on the affected parts, allowing the customer to reduce unnecessary costs and to significantly optimise installation times and especially improve the efficiency of their plant considerably.
Once again Ocrim has proven to be a reliable, dynamic partner who is attentive to customer needs.