On Monday, September 16th we Ocrim employees, involved in the realization of the event "Wheat, flour and ...", went to work tired and sleepy, but enriched by a unique, almost unexpected experience that gave us unprecedented satisfactions.

We asked ourselves a question: the next edition of "Wheat, flour and ..." how can it ever surprise more than this just lived? The answer was simple and immediate and we found it in You. You are the true engine of our success and our satisfaction; the real stimulus that moves an organization, purely internal to the company, which has as its objective to make you, customers and friends of Ocrim feel part of this great Family even during the event "Wheat, flour and ...".

Each of you has left leaving praises and messages of gratitude, giving us concrete proof that ours was not just a sensation, but a tactile reality made of esteem and trust.

Soon you will be able to read a report of the two days, as you will receive two different OcrimNews, one dedicated to the day of September 14 and another dedicated to the day of September 15. A useful account for those who have been with us, to relive the most important moments, but also for those who have not had the opportunity to participate, hoping to offer you an open window on the event just ended.