Only a year ago, we told you about major investments in Ocrim's production department (news January 2022). Investments based both on the idea of internal work well-being and on the excellence of the product offered.
Last October, Ocrim invested again by focusing on sustainability and the quality of both the work of its team and the products it offers to its customers. From January 2023, Ocrim's carpentry department will have a new manual laser welding machine in operation, which allows high-profile welding of metal materials - stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminium - up to 3 millimetres thick. It is a type of welding that also involves low material consumption, making it very sustainable.
In addition, manual laser welding is two to ten times faster than traditional welding, so there is a significant reduction in time-related costs.

Industry experts call the innovative welding machine we are talking about 'the future of welding'. It is, therefore, a perfect investment for a company that, like Ocrim, daily shapes a present based on customer care, innovation, attention to its human resources and respect for the environment. These are all aspects that a healthy and forward-looking company must constantly keep in mind.